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Bob the Builder

Project Renovate Microsite Build

Hit Entertainment enlisted their star property Bob the Builder to assist nurseries across the UK in educating children about the environment and their impact on the world around them. The project, which offered eco-makeovers to twelve Ofsted registered nurseries, involved renovating an indoor or outdoor space to create a greener, more energy-efficient environment.

The build required a simple look and feel, complementing the brand elements attached Hit's favourite character. Inspiration and guidance was drawn from the style guidelines provided, with additional UI content shaped around colourways and forms found in the brand's existing online destination along with television programming. The site's launch date was co-ordinated so as to coincide with National Energy Efficiency Week.

Built in Adobe Flash, users with the relevant browser plugins available can view the microsite here


  • + Adobe Photoshop
  • + Adobe Illustrator
  • + Adobe Animate / Flash
  • + Produced for NakedPenguinBoy Limited

UI layouts can be viewed below:

Bob the Builder Microsite Challenges Layout
Bob the Builder Microsite Challenge Layout
Bob the Builder Microsite Contact Form Layout
Bob the Builder Microsite More Information Layout
Bob the Builder Microsite Quiz Layout