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Vodafone : Mission Digital

Vodafone DE Onboarding Website Specification

The brief involved detailing of a User's Experience through primary areas of the website along with finalising an interface structure based around Vodafone Germany's particular brand identity.

As no fixed specification existed for a site layout of this kind, I was initially tasked with the generation of rough wireframes in order to agree a basic user journey through the Landing and Dashboard areas of the site. Once successfully outlined for and approved by Vodafone's Marketing Agency, presentation visuals were provided to the client, after which each was approved with one round of authors for handover to the development team.

Gold Winner of the German Prize for Online Communication in Internal Communication, 2018


  • + Adobe Photoshop
  • + Adobe Illustrator
  • + Produced for NakedPenguinBoy Limited

Below are final User Interface layouts for both the Landing area as well as the primary user Dashboard area within the website.

Vodafone Mission Digital Dashboard Layout
Vodafone Mission Digital Main Landing Area Layout